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To understand is to take a giant step towards the other.

I measure 8ft3, which makes me the tallest man in the world.
I was born in Turkey on December 10, 1982 where I grew up with my parents and my three siblings. My growth began to go awry around the age of 10, when my height increased dramatically. As an adult, I worked as a farmer, living almost normally.

On August 25, 2009 I became the tallest man in the world according to the Guinness World records: I measured 8ft1 at the time, 10 cm more than the previous record. On february 8, 2011 I was measured at 8ft3 and became one of the top five tallest men of all time. I also hold the record for the man with the largest hands.

After that, I went around the world to represent the Guinness Book and show my physical difference. I marched with long strides over thirty countries, where I was welcomed by heads of state and shook hands with thousands of people.

In 2015, I was the guest of honor at the largest gathering of giants of the world: “La tête dans les étoiles – grand et fier de l’être.” Organized by the Parc Saint Paul (France), this unique event allowed me to become friends with a dozen of my fellow giants.